With the help of the SQL Repair tool all the database objects, including tables, views, triggers, primary keys, store procedures, indexes, unique keys, stored procedures, foreign keys, default values, checks, rules, and user data types, can be restored. This tool provides features to show deleted records and can recover all deleted records from SQL database files. SQL server database corruption repair tool contains two recovery modes i.e Standard and Advanced, you can choose as per the level of corruption. For mild file corruption, you should use the regular scanning mode; for severe file corruption, you should use the advanced mode. Free SQL Server Database Repair Tool allows users to only preview the recovered file data. On the other side, users may accomplish the recovery using the software's user-friendly and straightforward interface. Using the SQL Server Database Repair Tool, you can easily fix faulty or damaged SQL database files. To do this, just follow these instructions. On your PC, launch the SQL Database Repair Tool. Now, In order to add the MDF and NDF files, click the Browse button. After that Choose the recovery mode based on the degree of file corruption. The programme searches the newly inserted SQL database files and displays the data that was retrieved. Now, By double-clicking on the individual folder objects in this area, you may see a preview. Here, Click the Save SQL data button once the folders have been chosen. Then Choose the SQL Server database or SQL compatible script option for saving. Finally, to complete the process of restoring, click the Ok button. At last, download the report button and exit the software. I hope this advanced recovery toolbox for SQL servers will repair SQL server files by following these simple steps.

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HOW BARCODE HELPS BUSINESS: - Professional barcode software tags and stickers carry large data capabilities such as product maintenance, expiry, manufactured dates and more information. Barcode software helps to create customized labels like as address label and business labels. Barcode facilities are effective and reliable to track any kind of industry products.* Standard Formats: - Select from several of predefined industry standard label formats. You can also add linear and 2d barcodes with extensive formatting.* Labels Designer: - Application provides facilities to adjust text and graphics to best fit the design space.* Labels Format: - Professional barcode software provides predefined, industry standard label shapes and size such as round rectangle, ellipse and many more.* Barcode software supports: - Several standards 1d and 2D barcode Formats including:- EAN 8 FONT, Code 39 Font, Code 93 Font, UPCA, Code 39, Planet font and many other popular fonts.* User friendly: -User can create labels easily. Elements are displayed on screen exactly as they will be printed. * Professional barcode software is compatible for copy and pasting different windows applications including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word, and MS paint.* Labels Printers: - Professional barcode application is compatible with all type of printers and scanners.HOW PROFESSIONAL BARCODE LABELS WORKS:- Software provides two types barcode labels technologies: Linear and 2D Barcode label (such as QR codes). Linear barcode hold information such as product cost and others. 2D Barcode software store data including the price, quantity but also links to web pages or related information, dots to encode data horizontally and vertically.

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How many features available in the barcode printing software? Standard Barcodes Designing Software generates different style barcode labels using commonly used linear and 2d barcode fonts like Codabar, Telepen, Code 93, Code 39, Logmars, Code 11, Code 128, Planet, Postnet, MICR, MaxiCode, PDF417, QR Code etc. How many properties can be adjustable in designing of labels and barcodes? Standard Barcode and Labels Printing Software have barcode designing view mode which is use to create unique styles labels, book covers and others .in this mode user allows to adjust or set the some label properties such as: general, fill background and image processing. In the barcode quick mode has general, font, colour, image setting options. Can we customize the printed barcodes and labels? Software allows user to customize the generated barcodes and labels. We can change the barcode values, header, footer, margin, density and character grouping. In the designing view mode we can customized the labels using standard tools like shapes and drawing tools. Is this standard barcode generating software has ability to generate barcodes in bulk? Software has complete availability to generate barcodes in huge amount using batch processing. We can create the many numbers of barcode with different value at the same time. How can we export and save the generated barcodes and labels? Software provides the facility to save the generated barcode and labels in many file formats including bmp, jpg, gif, png and etc. Which operating system is supported by standard barcode printing software? Standard Barcode Generating Software supports Windows11,Windows10,Windows10 x64,Windows8,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP and other windows operating system. Is there need any type of technical skills to operate this barcode creating software? There is no need of any technical skills or knowledge to operate standard barcode creating software. It provides complete user friendly interface.

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Corporate edition of Barcode Label Maker Software creates barcode images using both linear and 2D barcode font standards. Software facilitates the user to change several corporate barcode settings like font, general, color, and image settings. Application provides a batch processing feature that enables the user to create bulk copies of the same barcode font but with different header, footer, and barcode values. Software is created with built-in email settings that allow designed barcode labels to be sent to a specific email address. Barcode label helps to manage data about company's products Barcodes reduce the need for manual entry of product data at the point of delivery because a single incorrect input might result in a loss of money or harm an organization's brand image. Barcode labels are one of the most important aspects when selecting a barcode because these labels are put in a visible and transparent location where the employees can see them easily. It's critical to choose the right colors and ink for your bar code signs. Bar-coding is one of the technologies necessary to reduce costs and enable higher-order processing. When evaluating inventory levels or demand trends, employees may always access the most up-to-date information, allowing them to make smarter purchasing and discounting decisions. This reduces inventory carrying costs as well as excess stock, which improves long-term profitability.Features:-*It helps to reduce human error for understanding the business labels, as once a scanner reads a barcode labels attach on a product then they identify all information present in it.*It helps inventory control by determining the exact location of all stock.*Barcodes are simple to create and print.

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Download URL Testing Program contains Monitoring Option to check the continuous availability of URLs. Application allows us to export the list of URLs after completing the Monitoring Process.User is able to export resultant list of links in two file formats i.e. Text and Excel File.Software contains three options to export the list of URLs i.e.Export All Items, Offline Links or Online URLs. These available options are used according to the needs and requirements of user.User can get the information about the dead or broken links from any websites or WebPages by using URL List Checker Application.URL List Checker Application ensures best usability of Links. Dead Link Checker Software facilitates you to add or import list of URLs in three ways i.e.LOAD FROM TEXT FILE:Free URL Checker Application provides facility to browse a text file from your system for fast scanning.LOAD FROM EXCEL:Secure Link Verification Tool allows user to import list of multiple Links by browsing created excel file stored in your PC.Importing Feature is available in the Software for user convenience.ADD MANUALLY:If user has not created the list of URLs.Then, he/she can also type or paste any link in the URL box of ADD MANUALLY option available in the frame of URL List Checker Application.WHY TO USE URL CHECKER APPLICATION:Free URL Checker Application contains user friendly graphical user interface.Bulk URL Tester Application is totally free so everyone can use this independently.Dead Link Checker Software promises to aware us about all the broken links in the available list of URLs.Download URL Testing Program is capable to provide detailed status of multiple links.Site Link Checker Software can easily check proper working of entire website by validating dead and broken link of your site.

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How to crop video using free crop software:- Free software provides a facility to set multiple effects/ filters on your video. Application offers you to tools including resizing, rotating flips like horizontal, vertical, 180 degree clockwise, anticlockwise, and many other flips. Users also choose the location of the video file that they you want to crop and you can also save file related properties like name, quality, and frame rate. Free video software allows see preview output of the cropped video. CROP VIDEO FOR RESIZING:- * Free crop your video to better fit your professional, personal, and App *Maximize your storage space by reducing resolution or video size without losing the original quality *Create social media posts from any device without needing to worry about long loading times. Benefits of freeware video cropper software:- Application provides facility user can change form a square, portrait size, or landscape, then video drag your video to fit the new format. Software provides video properties option, some details like data rate, and format. You can drag and drop the cursor, adjust the frame or manually adjust height and width of the video. Free video cropper Application supports compatible video resolution such as 4k, 8k, 480p, 720p, 1080p, ultra HD and many more. Software provides user friendly video tools and endless customization. Users can select crop area on the video or manually enter the crop coordinates and dimensions. Video cropper software provides original and user defined size. Users can easily import, edit, export, and capture real life experience. Free video cropping app provides you can download the resulting cropped video after the process is finished. How do I crop a video on my computer? Software provides the easiest way to crop your video on your computer is using a freeware tool. Application supports different formats including MP4, MPS, 3GP, FLV, MTS, AVI, and many more video files formats.

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FEATURES OF DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE: - • Data recovery software provides different search modes to find and recover data from different types of android devices. • DDR Application facilitates you to select any search option according to your needs. Moreover, if you come across any difficulties, you can click contact us to help their technical support. • Software provides the facility to preview recoverable data. You can also check the quality of recovery files. • Program is easy to use software that confirms a safe and quick recovering process. • Data recovery software supports a wide range of file formats such as PDF, EXCEL, WORD, PPT, and more. • DDR data recovery application supports all android devices including Samsung, LG, Sony, One Plus, Asus, and other android technology based devices. Users can use the software without any technical knowledge. WORKING OF SOFTWARE:-In order to DDR data recovery software, you need to connect your android device to your PC. Open the software and search for the lost data and recovers your file within a few minutes. RECOVER DATA FROM ANDROID PHONE DIRECTLY: - Deep searching get back your lost data directly from your android phone without backup and save the day in any expected situation, you can also view and export the backup of any android devices anytime, anywhere. RECOVER ANDROID DATA WITHOUT ROOT:-No matter what kind of file is lost, DDR Android data recovery application can recovers all of them such as:- *Contacts *Message *Call Logs *Whatsapp media files *Audio *Google Hangout Chats. GET BACK YOUR ANDROID DATA LOSS IN VARIOUS SCENARIOS:-*Mistaken Deletion *OS errors *Improper handling *Black screen *Water Damage *Forgotten password *SD card issues *Not responding.

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Text Extracting Software is very popular software in the use of extracting text from any printed photograph or digital documents. Here are some qualities of text extracting software- •Document scanning: Software has ability to scan the all formats of digital documents, printed pictures, PDF etc. •Manage paper work: It helps the others to maintain their paper work just by copying useful text from documents. There is no need to write the text in our files. •Processing speed: Extracting Application perform complete process in an efficient time. It gives fast processing speed •Smoothness and accuracy: It is able to doing every step of extracting text with smoothness and gives output in accurate manner. •Simple text scanning: We have to just provide the input path or file for the scanning by using browse option. •User specified storage location: In the Passage Extracting Application user can save the result at their choice of location and also customized that text as per need. Here are some benefits of text extracting software- •Easy to operate: Software is very easy to operate it have four button that’s helps to operate by moving process on forward , backward, help and company contact details. •Document editing: Software is capable to doing editing in digital documents which was extract from using this software. •Work efficiency: Application is completely maintain its work efficiency and gives perfect result of every task. •Simple processing: Everyone use this software, there is no need of any technical knowledge to operate. It can be prefer by every type of user. •Compatibility: Software is compatible with most type of the file formats or digital documents. It supports the every versions of the windows operating system. •Cost effective: This software is completely free for the user. Anyone can use it just by downloading and installation on their system.

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Video Clip Splitting Software is capable to operate multiple videos of any size and format. Application contains Video Splitting Process to cut large videos.Tool makes such things easier and faster. Easy Video Trimmer Application facilitates user with open containing folder to view the final resultant videos. FEATURES OF VIDEO SPLITTING APPLICATION:Downloaded Video Clips Splitting Tool Support all video formats including MP4, MMV, MOV, etc.Easy Video Trimmer Application allows Fast video splitting and trimming of videos.Tool Provide advance video editing features and processes.HOW VIDEO CLIP EDITING SOFTWARE WORKS:*First step is to select the input file or folder from the browser.Video Clips Splitting Application allows user to give custom name to your file or remain file name as same as input file.Downloaded Video Clips Splitting Tool provide us so many options to split a video like1.Cut selected part:You have to give the range to cut selected part of videos.2.Multi Trim:If user wants to trim a video into many small clippings then he/she can select multiple range of a video.3.Split into time duration:Software also allow us to split any video according to the timestamp defined by user itself.4.Split into Parts:Application is capable to divide a long video into small portions.5.Split into File Size:User can use this option if he/she wants to break large video according to the required file sizes.6.Extract Images: Snaps of any video can be extracted by specifying a Range.7.Convert into other format:Software is capable to convert one video into other formats of videos including MOV, AVI, MPG, MTS, and Flash, etc.8.Extract Only Audio:User can convert video into audio file by using this feature.Download Video Clips Splitting Tool facilitates us with two forms of Output Resolution i.e. Original and User defined. Where you can define output resolution by setting the value, height and width for the frame of a video.

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Time Lapse maker application can easily helps user to make slow frame rate video. It can be achieved by still camera shots. Software has audio option weather mute the audio or can add desired audio in video. It can change the video orientation and flip it as per need. It is a good tool for making good quality time lapse videos and provides multiple features to get high speed conversion and excellent result. • How time lapse software works Time lapse are viewed as videos and software converts the sequence of raw images or taken by the camera using app and convert it into sequence of video. User can set the speed of frame rate per second. If user wants to make 10 second of time lapse video in 30fps so you have to add 300 still camera images and adds that folder into the input frame location. • Easy to use software Software is very easy to use and user friendly and have multiple properties to make the video. In capture settings options user can select the capture device first either external camera or integrated webcam. User can check the video after clicking of make video option if any changes should’ve wanted. It can make one time lapse video at a time. User can change the name of the resulted video and save at the desired path in system. • Supports Multiple file formats Software supports multiple different file formats for both images and video. For inserted image user can change format into JPG, PNG and BMP. User can convert resulted video format into AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, WMV, MTS, 3GP, and MKV. Before saving the video click on format button in output video section. Software provides that many options so user can choose any format as per system need. • Application areas of time lapse video maker Software offers great features during time lapse video process. However, user should know that application only create time lapse nothing else. If you want to edit the resulted video user have to use different software for that.

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Free Video Rotating Tool facilitates you to save your rotated videos in different popular video file formats like FLV, WMV, AVI, MTS, MP4, MPG, etc. Software offers an advanced batch processing feature that enables you to add folder containing multiple video files and rotate all of them together at the same time.Application Features- 1.Totally free of cost.2.Different rotation angles.3.Rotate bulk video instantly. Changing the Orientation of a Video by video rotation software: If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and free tool to fix the orientation of your video, try video rotator software that allows you to flip your videos. Steps- 1.Select the video file: Click on Add file option and browse the location of the video file that is going to rotate. You can also add a complete folder to rotate multiple video files at once.2.Select the rotation type: Choose any one of the different Rotation types, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, 90 deg right, 90 deg left, and 180 deg. You can also mute or replace the sound of the video.3.Save the Rotated video: Select the Output file format, video quality (normal, low, medium, or high), and the file location. After that finally, click on Make Rotate button to rotate your video clip. Video Rotation process is continuing and Video has been rotated successfully. You can then save your rotated media files and be sure that the clips you post on YouTube, Face book and Instagram are just as you want them. You can select a file to upload from your computer or phone. Wait for the video to upload (it may take a minute, depending on the file size). Once the video is done uploading, you can click on the image and a rotating button will appear above. Use this button to drag your video into the desired rotation. You can merge and combine two clips and create a new and single clip. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click ‘Export’ and it will save the new rotated video to your computer or phone.

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How to design the barcode label using Mac OS-: * Firstly, install and download the Mac edition barcode maker software. That application also supports the MAC operating system. User can select the type of barcode as per requirement. Different types of standard fonts are available in this software. User can change the font, color, and general settings of the barcode. Software has a batch-processing feature so the user can import data from excel sheets and text data. With the help of the cropping tool, users can crop single or multiple images for the making barcode. Apple barcode creator tool has an advanced print option so users can print the designed barcode. Using the text editing option, a user can edit the source, color, size, and position of the text. Software contains many saving formats such as PNG, bitmap, JPEG, jpg, PDF, and formats for saving designed barcodes. Email option is available in the application so that user can share the created barcode. Multiple barcodes are also generated by software using the random sequential and constant value series. Software is also compatible with all Mac supported systems. Through the advance print setting user prints multiple different types of barcodes on a same page. Why we select the Mac barcode printable tool-: Application contains many important and special features, which makes a different to software. * Advance Email setting feature-: Application provides an email option to send or share the generated barcode on particular email address.*Cropping tools-: Programs gives cropping tool, which helps user, can crop multiple or single image.*Text properties option-: Text properties option is helpful to change the color, value, font, and size of a barcodes.*Exporting feature-: Apple barcode maker application gives permission to export files into some applications such as ms-paint, ms-excel, and ms-word.

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Video Clip Reverser Software provides too many features in their modification tool. Some of them given below- •Input video: We can extract a video with our computer system for editing with its browning option with in a simple click. •Output video: It gives benefit to save edit or modify video clip in specific folder by just providing path of that folder. •Video rotation: Software has option to rotate our video in such directions :90’ left, 90’ right and 180’ •Video reversing: It is the main feature of software to reverse the video as clockwise and anti clockwise direction. •Video orientation: We can adjust the orientation of video original and flip (vertically and horizontally). •Video resolution: We can set it as original and the other user defined by giving the value of height and width. •Video speed: Application allows user to manage the speed of reverser video in three options: original, fast and slow. •Video frame rate: It can also adjustable original and user defined values. •Video quality: Software is completing able to maintain the quality of video. It we want to make it original so we have to choose original in reverse video. We want to set as per our requirement so we can do that user defined value options. •Audio properties: In this video reverser application we have option to editing in the sound of reverser video. We can use the original sound or mute the sound. If we want to use other song from the system so we can change the song. •Compatibility: Application is compatible with video file formats: FLV, MOV, MPG, MTS, MPU, MKV. It supports various video resolutions including 4k, Ultra HD, Full HD, 720p, 480p and etc. It is freeware software for downloading on any windows operating system. •Process efficiency: Software gives the perfect output of the input. It is able to maintain the overall efficiency in the processing and provides accurate reverser video as output.

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Video merger application helps you combine several videos at a same time. This software enable you to import multiple video simultaneously with the help of add folder option. Software merges and modifies video at very high speed conversion with excellent result. • User friendly interface Software provides user multiple properties which are easy to use and has very simple interface with basic knowledge of computer anyone can use this software. User can change resolution, set orientation of video which can be seen in real time. Software provides option to set the sequence of the video it will merged accordingly to that without any watermark. • Software joins video file easily At first user have to click on add file or add folder button and can check the properties like size, format of the added video, duration, resolution etc. User can add multiple files or folder then by clicking on start join button the output video will be preview so user can check final result is good or need some changes. • Supported different file formats Video joiner application provides multiple file formats including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLG, MPG and WMV. Before saving the video user can change the file formats in output Section and then select the format. Software can change any video into any file format it does not matter the input format user can change at output result according to the need. • Application areas of video joiner software Software offers high degree control over merging process. User should note that this application only supports merging of the video nothing else. So for cutting or splitting or any other functionality you have to install other software for that. This application is free of cost so user you can use this app wherever or whenever you want. It provides multiple options and gives high quality output result without any watermark.

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Production Barcode Designing Software design manufacturing barcodes which are very important for packaging and supply of goods. Barcodes ensure fast and accurate results of processes under manufacturing industry. Today’s youth prefer Barcodes because they save lot of time and money. Barcode is not a technical concept it is easy to understand by every non technical person also. Product Manufacturing Barcode Creator is less-expensive in nature. Today’s youth is so much busy in their life. People prefer to use Barcodes all the time because of their less time consuming feature. Software is reliable in nature which means to say it is trusted and suitable for any condition, needs and requirements of user.HOW BARCODES ARE USEFUL FOR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY:*TRACKING:Manufacturing Barcode Label Maker Tool creates barcodes to track products in warehouse. Production Barcodes are also capable to track supply chain of several products from their arrival to destination time.*LABELING:Barcodes are designed to label the products in a warehouse or in an industry for quick, easy and accurate reorganization of products from large volume of goods.*REDUCE ERRORS:In past decades when we do not have any kind of barcode technique to make the administration managed, at that time common men use manual data entries and there was nothing to track any product. So there were high chances of errors but after the evolution of Bar-coding technique there is no need to enter any data manually. So Manufacturing Barcode Technique reduces human errors.*IDENTIFICATION:Constructional Barcode Designing Tool design barcodes to identify particular product quickly, easily and accurately at any instant of time.*STORAGE MEDIUM:Manufacturing Barcodes work as the storage device of products in an industry. Barcodes are designed to store all the details of products in the form of Bars and alpha-numeric characters.

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Now, you can enhance project builds using the benefits of Razor View PDF CSharp tools. This allows your team to craft a project where users can still add pages, manipulate, merge, duplicate, and edit PDF documents inside your native environment. There is no reason to invest in bulky and hard-to-manage suites like Adobe. These can bring down your development schedule due to the cost-prohibitive value compared to the easy-to-use Razor View PDF CSharp. With this tool from the expert team at Iron Software, all the bugs and errors have been worked out. That is because it is created using open-source elements that have been exhaustively tested by a vibrant online community before distribution. That includes having extensive support documentation to help with your development project. You can learn more about the various supporting materials by visiting https://ironpdf.com/docs/questions/razor-view-to-pdf/. Razor View PDF CSharp fully supports .NET 5 Core, Standard, and Framework. It makes it easy to integrate PDF capabilities into your project with the advanced Chromium rendering that works with HTML, URLs, text, images, and ASPX sources. That creates a ton of versatility for your project's marketability when most businesses have moved to hybrid and remote workers. The more you can offer a flexible product with universal formatting, the higher the value for your end users. You do not have to worry about sacrificing security measures. Razor View PDF CSharp includes the same password protection, metadata control, permissions, and digital signature features as any off-the-shelf solution. This helps your team avoid any regulatory oversight for the industry you are serving while ensuring the proper recipients can view sensitive data - a must-have in today's privacy-focused culture. You can download a free trial copy at https://ironpdf.com/ and get started with Razor View PDF CSharp. The only time you need to make a purchase is when you are ready for deployment.

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Postal Barcode Generating Program facilitates user with some settings like general, image, font and color settings which are defined to set some common properties of barcode. Software contains two types of tools i.e. standard and drawing tool. Standard Tool consist Export Image/Pdf, Print, Grid Background, Undo, Redo, Sent to front/back, etc. drawing Tools holds Text, Signature, barcode, Label Background, Shapes, picture, Library Images, Watermark, etc. Parcel Barcode Designing Application provide certain custom shapes to design a Barcode including Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, diamond, Line, star and polygon etc. Postal barcode Creating Application is capable to create a series of multiple barcodes by using batch processing Method. Key feature of Post Office Barcode Label Maker Software can be implemented in five ways i.e. by using Barcode Value/ Header/ Footer, Custom Data Sheet, and Created Data List. USE OF BARCODES IN POST OFFICE:•Postal Services barcode Creating Tool design Barcodes to store information of parcels like Zip Code, Postal Address and many more details.•Post Office Industry use barcodes to track postal letters and emails.•Postal System Barcode Generating Program creates barcodes to achieve fast and accurate results.•Post Office use Barcode Labels, tags and Stickers to reduce human errors at some extent.•Postal Industry use Barcodes for security purpose also. BENEFITS OF BARCODE IN POSTAL SERVICES: •Barcode Designing Application is evolved to generate Barcodes to make the management quick and accurate.•Barcodes facilitates us with effective labelling of post office related resources including letters, emails, and banking documents, etc.•Barcodes are having less cost for designing, creation and maintenance.•People prefer to use barcodes to get accurate address of deliverable parcel.•Barcodes are using at a large extent because of their less time consuming nature.

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Barcode labelling software create label which helps in keep track of inventory management. It can make barcode in bulk for the products which helps business. Software provide batch processing option in which user can generate barcodes in bulk and can print same kind of barcodes with different values. Application is user friendly and easy to use barcode can be generated in just few steps. It provides user two formats to create linear or 2d barcode according to the need of retailers. Software will preview the barcode label before printing so the user can set the margins or orientations for not further error in printing. Barcode are widely used in shops so any people can find product information through barcode. • Barcode software use In retail Every product in within retail uses barcode. Barcode used as price tags within retail which used to store price of the item, where it was made and batch number of the product. Software generates barcode for the item boxes which contains individual items to help in packaging and shipping. Barcode removed the manual entry of a product so it removes the human error. Barcode software is very cost efficient so retailer can generate many barcode in low cost. Retailer can also generate barcode which store helpful information that can be used to promote their business. • Barcode software helps in business Software makes barcode for the employees so that they can store the information like name number in the label for safe identification. Software generate barcode which plays an important role to giving companies the visibility they need to control cost and better customer experience. Major benefit of barcode software is to increase accuracy of data which benefits the business. • Software used to generate reports Retail barcode labelling software generates barcode with details which helps in creating generated details report for anything you want.

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Logo Designer Software is very important for any company and organization because it is able to design various types of logo. A logo is showing a specific identity of any company and organization in the world. Describe the process of logo designing in the software? •Download the logo maker software •Install and setup the software in your system •Open logo maker software •Two options to choose start with new label format or open with existing label format •We have three option to create logo (1) start from template (2) create label by using wizard (3) create label with blank format Choose any one which format you want to use. Start from template: After select this format we have option to category selection as: abstract, books, children, construction, financial, wedding event and etc. software provide setting options such as: default, add background, add colour, create your own and save as template. Create label by using wizard: in this format we have give the name of label, size of label(height , width) and shape of a label (rectangular, rounded rectangular, ellipse).we have various colour option (solid colour, gradient colour) for our logo. Select the fill style (fore colour, back colour) and image filling. We have some label properties which we can set or adjust as per requirement. These properties are label size, fill background and background (solid colour, gradient fill) effect (brightness, contrast, saturation). Create label with blank: also in this format we have to select the label name, size and shape. It has label properties which are adjustable. •We have various other features that help to design a log as text editing, image ectracting, lines, watermark and shapes as well as screen caption option provide a feature to add screenshot in logo. •After completing the designing of logo, we can save logo in various file formats and template form for further use in future.

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DiskGenius is a powerful tool for data recovery, partition manager and partition backup, for it provides lots of functions. Partition Management: Create format, resize, extend, backup, split, hide and clone partition, both MBR and GPT are supported. Migrate Windows OS to HDD/SSD Disk and partition conversion: Convert dynamic disk to basic, convert virtual disk format, convert MBR to GPT, convert primary partition to logical, etc. File recovery: Recover files deleted or emptied form Recycle Bin, recover files from damaged partition, and recover files by file type. Support file preview and file filter. Partition recovery: The best partition recovery program to recover files from damaged, corrupted and RAW partitions, search for lost partitions and recover files from it, besides, it can fix partition table. RAID recovery: Reconstruct Virtual RAID and recover files from it, and all RAID types are supported. Sector Editor: A Hex editor is embedded to help users edit raw hex data and recover data manually. Backup and Restore: Back up and restore partition including system partition, hard disk and partition table. Bad Tracks: Check and repair bad sectors for HDD and USB disks; check hard disk S.M.A.R.T. information. Delete files permanently: Delete files permanently so that they can't be recovered by any data recovery software. Virtual Disk: support virtual disks created by VMware, Virtual PC, Virtual Box and Parallels. Create WinPE bootable disk: You can manage disk partition when system crashes or there is no operating system on your computer. Support FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 file system format.

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DiskGenius is an excellent utility that comes packed with various useful features on data recovery, disk partition management, backup & restore. With this app you can create, resize, clone, format partitions, backup system, and recover deleted or lost files & partitions from HDD, RAID, Storage Spaces, USB disks and virtual disks. Key features: File & partition recovery - Recover lost data or partition from all data loss scenarios, such as emptied recycle bin, accidental deletion, disk formatting, RAW drive, lost partition, virus attack, system bootable problems, etc. Disk & partition management - Support to create, format, resize, extend, split, image, clone, hide or active partition, repartition disk, image disk, etc. both MBR and GPT disks are supported. Disk & partition conversion - Convert partition table between MBR and GPT without data loss, convert dynamic disk to basic disk without damaging data, convert virtual disk format, convert primary partition to logical without losing data and vice versa. Backup & restore - Backup partition table to avoid partition loss issue; backup operating system, installed apps, settings and data to protect computer against any damage; clone disk or partition as well as create image for partition and disks. Support operating virtual disk files (e.g. VHD, VMDK, VDI, HDD), ".img" disk image files, etc. which includes operating partitions and files of virtual disk or disk image. Create WinPE bootable disk and you can manage disk partition when system crashes or there is no operating system on your computer. Hex editor - A Hex editor is embedded to help users edit raw hex data and recover data manually. Check & repair bad sectors for all storage devices and check HDD S.M.A.R.T. information. Wipe data - Completely delete files, wipe disk or partition or erase free disk space so that data can never be recovered. All types of file system NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 are supported.

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Benefits of barcode in supply barcode scanning for the supply chain-: Barcode also reduce the possibility of human. If a user enters data manually then an error chance more than occurs. However, barcode scan data very quickly and accurately. Barcoding system also decreases the employee training time. Barcode system also makes training less expensive. It’s also the increase the efficiency of supply industry. Barcode encrypt the data in parallel line and alphanumerical character. Bar-coding facility also decrease the number of employee requirements. How to barcode label using of the packaging industry barcode maker software-: Firstly, download and install the packaging barcode label creator tool. User can select the type of barcode as per user requirement. Many standard fonts such as UPCA, UPCE, CODE39, and data bar fonts, data matrix fonts, and other standard fonts are available in this software. User can change the label properties, such as general properties (label shape, name, or size), and background properties of the barcode label. Using a batch processing option user can import data from excel sheets, text data for making the labels. Advance print option available in this software so that user can print a designed barcode. Tool provides many saving formats such as TIFF, PNG, WMF, bitmap, jpeg, and PDF to save barcodes. Why we select the distribution industry barcode generator tool-: *Less expense and time-: Software creates barcode in less expense and time.*Print bulk copies barcode-: Program print multiple barcode on a single page using flexible print setting.*Print preview option-: its helps to prevent the printing error.*Simple interface -: Application provides user-friendly interface.*Batch processing option-: App has batch processing feature for importing data from specified application including ms-word, ms-excel, and ms-paint.

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What are the working and uses of professional barcode maker software? Professional barcode maker software is suitable for small and large sized companies. Barcode program enable tracking of any product. Software allows users to create barcode label like business label, address label and many other type labels. You can use the barcode application to create color a label of custom style size and shape for different industries. Professional barcode software is compatible with all type of printers and scanners. Barcode tool boots long term profitability and reduce excessive spending of products. Professional Barcode application facilities to save generated barcode label at specific location on computer for future use. Barcode software makes multiple barcode labels at the same time by using sequential series, constant and random series.What are the capabilities of professional barcode label? Barcode tags and stickers carry large data such as maintained of product, shipping history, expiry and manufactured dates, lots of more information. FEATURES OF PROFFESIONAL BARCODE LABEL: -*QUICK AND EASY just few steps to create and print label tags, sticker in a quick and easy professional way.*PRINT LABEL is the most common and customized paper formats or standard laser.* QR CODE GENRATOR with the built in generator you can also create, print and then export.* BARCODE GENRATOR generates different types of barcode fonts such as code 128 Font, 128 SET A Font, EAN Font, UPCA Font, UPC Font, EAN 8 Font, and Coda bar many more fonts.*WISYING INTERFACE creates labels easily. Paper and element are displayed on screen exactly as they will be printed.* EXPORT BARCODE LABEL Professional barcode label software supports exporting to the most graphic format such as PNG, JPG, TIFF, PDF, EXI, BITMAP and many more.

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Barcode labeling software in library management system used for creating barcode image, each label can be programmed to represent data that might include the title of work, Author, copy and volume number all in one small barcode. Software helps in maintaining data management so user can store error free data and can maintain record number of orders is stored. Software gives option of Sequential, Constant, Random lists which helps in creating labels for publishers, book stores and libraries, with some additional features like designing view property user can create very attractive custom barcode labels. Software allows user to save created label in different file formats like Jpg, Jpeg, gif etc. •Convenient user interface Publisher and library software is very easy to use it has 2 mode of creating barcode or label i.e. barcode setting mode and barcode designing view mode it gives user a multiple number of options so user can design a barcode very easily. It has user friendly interface so anyone with some knowledge of computer can easily generate the barcode. User can set the shape size color and print multiple numbers of same barcode but with different values using properties and can see the preview of a label before printing. • Barcode software benefits in library Barcode eliminates human error in circulation section of library, labels are very cost efficient to design and print using software. Library material control improves because barcode make to track library materials so precisely. Barcode store any kind of data user want to store in label and can also create personalized barcode for libraries. • Barcode importance in publisher books Software can create linear and 2d barcode for books and supports ISBN font which helps customer to identify and order the exact book they want to purchase. Libraries, wholesaler, distributor and retailers all depends on this unique identifier to track purchase and sales.

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WHAT IS THE WORKING OF REMOVABLE DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE? Data recovery software successfully retrieves all missing and lost files at their user defined location. Removable data recovery software recovers all type data including as documents, Emails, Videos, Music, Database, Digital images, Audios and other valuable USB digital data. Data recovery application allows you to access deleted file even folders. Software recovers deleted data from all types of window based media and removable storage media. Removable data recovery software recovers data for internal storage devices including, Pen Drives, USB (Universal serial bus) drives, Memory cards, secure digital cards, SSD cards, smart phone, digital camera and many more. The most reliable way to get your data back is to use dedicated removable data recovery software. Retrieval data recovery tool is easy to understand interface. ADVANTAGE OF REMOVABLE DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE: -*Removable data recovery software provides helpful manual that’s guide you through recovery with easy to understand instructions.*Download occurs to create quickly a fast installation.WHY CHOOSE REMOVEABLE DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE?*Removable data recovery software supports all storage capacities.*Data recovery application is secure useful to recover deleted files.*Removable data recovery program compatible all windows operating systems such as 11/10/8/7 and more.*Data recovery software restores deleted media files in their original form without causing any data.*Application supports all formatted storage media.*Software permits to save the restore deleted data.*Data retrieval application provides fast recovery of your missing files and search options like as Basic search, Deep search, and signature search.

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If you need to download Amazon videos on devices other than iOS, Android, and Windows 10 apps, Amazon Video Downloader would be the best choice to help. NoteBurner Amazon Video Downloader is dedicated to offering the experience of downloading batches of high-quality videos at one time without effort. With such a powerful function, you can download all your favorite Amazon Prime Titles in MP4 or MKV format with HD quality, multilingual audio tracks and subtitles kept, and enjoy those videos offline on your devices whenever and wherever you go.

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Steps to recover the data form pen drive using Mac USB drive Data recovery software-: *Install Pen Drive Data Recovery Software for Mac -: Firstly, download and install The Mac Drive Data Recovery Tool to recover the data. *Connect the USB drive on your Mac-: After completing the installation, connect the USB to your Mac. Select the USB device from the application disk list. *Scan the flash drive to recover data -: After selecting, user click on the next button and the software scans all deleted data. Software displays the scanned data on the computer screen. *Browsing and selecting folder-: User can select a specific folder, which they want to recover it. With the help of the browsing option, a user can select a folder to save the recovered data. *Perform the recovery with the selected items-: After selecting, the scanned folder or file user can perform recovery process. Software recovers the select data in less time. Cause of data loss in a pen drive-: *Immediate power loss-: Immediate power loss is the major reason for the data loss, because in this condition file transferring process is not completed. Therefore, user will lose the data. *Hardware damage-:If a USB drive is physically damaged, then we also lost data. *USB connection issue-:The physical connection between the computer and the USB can cause data loss because the transferring process is incomplete without a properly connected connection. *File system error-: Storing device also saves the data according to the file system. If a file is corrupt, then you lost the data. Key feature of the Pen drive data recovery tool-: *Application restores photos and videos without harming of the original data. *Program recover data for many USB drive storage like Pen drive, Jump drive, USB key drive, USB memory card, USB flash drive etc. *The tool has all major capabilities such as 256MB, 128MB, 512MB, and higher capability to recover data.

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Recovery software for digital pictures scans the storage device for deleted and corrupted images in attempt to find recoverable Images. Software provides option of search disk partitions so user can find the lost drives inside the physical drive or logical drive. Software gives a preview of restored images so the user can refine the result and choose the images that needed. It supports all kind of storage devices for compatibility. • Windows digital picture recovery software Windows data recovery software has user friendly interface so anyone one can easily use it and recover data. This software supports various image file formats which are supported by major storage devices companies. Software can apply to the situation like accidental image deletion, virus attack on device, corrupted disk, mistakenly formatted. Software can easily work with major hard disk brand like Sony Hitachi etc. User can save restored images at the desired path so it can be access easily. • How efficient picture recovery software Picture recovery software repairs storage devices and restores lost images and brings back all pictures safely. Picture recovery software is very important activity to the users in computer world. The storage media can be corrupt or might be inaccessible, so in this kind of problem user need recovery software to tackle the problem and restores data. With the basic knowledge of computer any person can use the software provides very economical way of retrieving images and it guarantees that your lost data will be recovered. • Software restore pictures from any data lost situation With the use of data recovery software user can recovers deleted, formatted and lost photos from any storage device like digital camera, Pen drive, hard disk etc. During the searching of images user can stop the search when he found the pictures he want to be restored.

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Microsoft Outlook application is a fabulous mail client with the most important communication with Business, Corporate, Firm, person, friends, etc. Due to Outlook's file corruption and damaged or due to virus attack, we are unable to access Outlook's OST file in Outlook causing interruptions in our routines and business. We can retrieve the mails data of our Outlook file. It can be obtained by using SysVita OST Converter. SysVita Data Recovery Company Provide a Multi-Purpose with 100% safe & secure tool. This Comprehensive software for Successfully Export or Convert offline OST file data into PST Office 365, Live Exchange & Gmail. In the Recovery Process, SysVita OST to PST repair your corrupted offline OST file with recover mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendars, archive file folders, attachment with all properties Like To, Bcc, Cc, From, Subject, Time and attachment, etc. SysVita OST Conversion application convert recovers OST data into PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, EMLX, HTML, PDF, and Contact vCal, vCard with other file formats. This OST to PST conversion tool capable to support supports any versions of MS Outlook office-365, 2019, 2016, 2013 & all lower versions. Its software allows easily preview of recovered OST file before the conversion process. Excellent features that make up the foremost distinct and lonely of this software. * Easily repair & recover Corrupted Exchange OST File. * Migrate OST file to Web-based Google account. * OST conversion tool can repair & recover OST file data from highly contaminated and inaccessible offline OST file. * In Conversion Process to Save, Recover OST File mailbox data into distinct formats such as MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, vCal, vCard, HTML, and PDF file formats. * The software can split large OST files into several small PST files, due to the Fix Outlook Size Limitation, the PST file is easy to access into Outlook. * Provide free Demo OST to PST tool to freely save 30 emails items of each folder in each file format.

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Newly launched SysVita Excel Password Recovery Software-easily throughout your all password related complications by recovering Excel file password immediately. By using MS Excel Password recovery or Microsoft Excel Password Recovery software you enable to recover Excel password security or break Excel Password security in a very efficient way. In most of circumstances users forgot or lost Excel file password and then they put lots of possibility to unlock XLSX file but could not succeed. If you are also passed through such kind of problems and finding best idea how to unlock or remove Excel sheet password security instantly then don't lose hope at all. To overcome such problems SysVita made Perfect Excel Password Recovery software which instantly perform its best job to crack XLSX password protected file by applying 2 advance methods named as-Brute force Attack & Dictionary Attack. MS XLS Password Recovery tool- is advance way for Excel password recovery which break XLSX file without damaging your data from different version of MS Excel file-97/2000/2002/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019. SysVita Excel Password Recovery software has some qualifying features- * Instantly unlock XLS or Unlock XLSX file protection. * Retain your Excel file data safe and secure at the time of Excel password recovery process. * Software skill fully break Excel Password security by applying 3 techniques-Mask attack, Brute force Attack or Dictionary Attack. * Easily work out on any complex or special character password. * 24 X 7 online technical support. * additional recover MS Word file password with MS Access MDB file password instantly. * Software successfully remove XLS file password protection and open XLS & XLSX file password without any problem. * Provision of freeware XLSX Password Recovery tool which recover lost excel file password with 3 characters. * License key of full version software is available at USD 17 price.

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SysVita OLM Recovery Software is a remarkable and powerful program to Convert OLM to Outlook supported all versions- 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & below versions. Download OLM Exporter Software and get easy process to extract all data from OLM files and convert them into PST Outlook files in bulk migration or selective items. It supports Bulk OLM file conversion even without resulting in any type of data loss and gives multiple options to save and restore the resulted file. OLM file exporter Software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), macOS 10.12 (Sierra), macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and MacOS X 10.15 (Catalina), macOS Big Sur. OLM file converter Software helps users to convert olm to outlook with complete preview and support not only to export outlook from mac to windows but also gives another format such as- PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, OFFICE 365, G-Suite, Live Exchange Server, etc to convert OLM files without create problem. You can try the free demo version of the software to check software functionality and convert only limited emails from OLM to any format but if you want to restore complete data then you have to purchase the full version of the software that is available at an affordable price.

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Exchange OST Recovery software offered by Sysvita allows to exporting of emails or mailboxes from Offline Exchange OST files into Live Exchange, Office 365, Windows Live Mail & MS Outlook. It is ideal software that supports migrating emails from OST files into any version of Live Exchange Server including the 2016 Exchange server. This software helps to migrate or exports emails from OST file into Office 365 or the cloud without any data loss. It also allows exporting OST mailboxes to any version of Windows Live Mail. This software is able to export or convert emails from Offline OST files into MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007. This Software work with All Version of Windows Platforms including Windows 11. This software offers a demo version that allows exporting 30 items per folder from OST file into Live Exchange, MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail & Office 365. Users can download this demo of the software for free and analyze working process of the software then purchase the full version.

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Backup and recovery tools for storage data confirm that your data is accessible when you have the requirement. You have option to store & transfer the recover data from one USB to other storage devices. What is the main purpose of the software? USB recovery software for Apple Mac makes sure that all important data retains in your hand when you need it. Deleting data passed many stages before not available. Recovery software finds those ways to get back data. The main purpose of the software is to create simplicity in people daily life as well as in business prospective. How can it help the user of Mac system? Recovery software helps that time when you need to get corrupted files from an encrypted USB drives in apple operating system. Software helps in every type of recovery data with some processing. It helps in the companies to transfer and storing of data and all those data which are missing in all that process of USB flash drives. Why is this software much better than other software? The recovery software for Mac edition is better than others because of its features and quality that makes it easy accessible for every person which are given blew •It maintains the security of data from the corruption and formatting. •The result of the software is much efficient than others. •The reliability, flexibility and accuracy of the results make it perfect. •The process of recovering data is very simple for every one because it is user friendly software. What is the need of the application? Software should be able to provide simple USB data retaining in Macintosh the storage corrupted and deleted files. Data is very important aspect so no one can want to lose it because again creation of data is very difficult and time wasting process. Recovery of lost data is better than creating same data with same effort. Here is the option of recovery software for the Mac system that can recover missing data with some clicks.

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NoteBurner Tidal Music Recorder for Mac is fully compatible with the latest macOS system, it is a powerful Tidal Music downloader that can get rid of the limits of Tidal Music and convert Tidal songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC format in original Normal/HiFi/Master sound quality, enabling us to enjoy Tidal songs through MP3 player and various devices. NoteBurner Tidal Music Converter is a user-friendly program. With its intuitive interface, you will get to know it easily and quickly. It can not only convert Tidal Music songs at fast speed, but also keep ID3 tags and 100% original audio quality after conversion for better user experience. Besides, NoteBurner Tidal Music Converter is a 100% clean program, with no need to install any extra hardware or virtual drivers.

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The Mac OS X Mobile phone data recovery software is used to recover deleted emails, videos, audios and photos. Data recovery software is user friendly so anyone can easily use the program. Apple OS software can recover data from the dead phone which is either been broken or get some internal damage. User can save the recover data in any file formats using Mac OS software. User can set the searching criteria either he wants to search in entire disk or some particular portions of the mobile phone memory storage. Before saving option software will preview the restored data so user can select the particular data need to recover as per need. • Mac OS mobile phone data recovery software use Apple OS x is very user friendly software it will help user to recover lost data very fast and efficiently. Software gives various options to user to recover files in different in various types including photos, audio, video and documents etc. It allows user to restore messages contacts along with all the details. Mac OS X software supports recovering data from both mobile phone and SD card, so all the lost data can be restored. Software won’t cause any damage to your existing files while restoring, so users don’t have to worry about that current data will be overwritten after recovery. • Compatibility With all brands mobile phones Apple OS software is built to work with all types of mobile phone brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Motorola, Blackberry etc. It is compatible with all mobile brands, so user does not have to face compatibility issue during the data recovery in his Mac OS. Software makes mobile phone compatible with the Mac operating system so it can read your storage device. • Performance of Mac Os data recovery software Apple Os software has ability to recover corrupted, crashed, lost data from mobile phones. This tool can restore several different file formats so user will be able to restore all kinds of data loss scenario.

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Step to recover NTFS data by using the hard disk data recovery software. Software also recovers the data in three steps. *Scanning-: User connects the device to the computer system. After selecting the device software scan all the formatted data and display it on the computer screen. *Select-: User can choose the particular file data, which want to recover. You can preview the selected data. * Data back-: After performing all steps, users click the next button and the recovery process will start. User saves the recovered data on our computer system. Common reason of data loss from NTFS partition-: Formatting-: If a user wants to format a drive to convert it into an NTFS partition, then the user will lose all data in the partition making process. You may convert the drive into a file system. *Corruption of file-: Most of the time, our data file is corrupt and due to the corruption file we also lose the data. Some hardware issues, like failure of the hard drive controller or an issue with the cable will corrupt our NTFS partition. *Power failure-: Power failure is a major reason for the data loss. If a user was working on a system and the power went out for any reason, User lost the data on the hard drives cause of the sudden shutdown. *Virus and malware-: A virus or malware also enters the system through phishing or email attacks where the attacker encourages clicking the download link or attachment. After entering malware or virus into the system, it will start damaging your file. Important feature of the software-: *Software recovers lost, deleted, or formatted file and folder. *Application support many SCSI, SATA, IDE hard disk standard. *Program takes less time to recover the data from hard disk. *Hard Disk Recovery Software has saving feature, so that user can save recovered data.

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HOW TO RESTORE DATA FROM SIM CARD WITH DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE? Data recovery software is able to recover deleted or corrupted contact number from an address book, call history from any SIM card. SIM card recovery tool is very easy to operate and user friendly. You can retrieve data from SIM card: CONNECT>SEARCH> RECOVER. Data recovery program recover lost data from SIM card transferred to PC with original quality. User can also view the deleted data on your PC and select data that you want to recover. WHAT KIND OF DATA CAN RECOVER ON SIM CARD?SIM card data software recovers all types of corrupted and lost data. You can also view all SIM card information like SIM card phone number, serial number, network state and more.SIM card recovery software also has a feature that enables to backup of both deleting and existing recovered android data on a computer with few simple clicks. View the deleted data on your PC and select data that you want to recover. Data recovery application fetches deleted information from the SIM in details through Phoenix and PC/SC standard based technology SIM card reader.YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR SIM CARD DATA RECOVER SOFTWARE:-*Easy to use, 100% safe.*Program support various data loss situations such as file corruption, hard drive failure, human mistake etc.* SIM card data recovery software work with all types of disk and instantly detects external source.* Data recovery application recover data with high success rate save* SIM data to computer.HOW TO RECOVER FORMATTED IMPORTANT MOBILE DATA FROM SIM CARD RECOVERY SOFTWARE?SIM card data recovery software is simply a download facility to recover accidentally erased outbox saved text SMS due to improper usage, and other reasons that occurred.

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Use Softakensoftware OLM to PST Converter, a capable solution to work in a speedy manner to convert OLM files to PST format. This app converts OLM emails, notes, contacts, calendars, etc. into a PST file with attached documents. In a matter of easy clicks, OLM mailbox data to PST format is safely exported by this tool. The program permits sound conversion of OLM emails to PST format with Meta properties and database structure maintained as earlier. This utility allows a proper scan of the OLM file & previews its data items on the screen before moving into the PST file. There is no file size limit levied by the tool hence users can freely browse any size OLM file to export into PST format. With PST as the output format, this utility permits saving OLM file items into other formats like MSG, MBOX, EML, & EMLX. Friendliness and speedy conversion are highlighted features of this program which makes it a unique & highly preferred solution among users. You don't have to face any issues in executing Mac Outlook emails to Windows Outlook migration. Just install Softakensoftware OLM to PST Converter free demo first and examine the complete functionality & features of the software by exporting the first 10 items per folder. Thereafter, users can apply for a suitable license at less cost. Every version of Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook is well supported by this program. Also, this app flexibly runs on all available Windows versions. Take help of screenshots and manual guide to implement OLM mailbox to PST conversion. For more clarification, contact the technical team 24*7*365.

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The Softaken Outlook PST Password Remover software is the best solution for those users who are searching to know how to reset the password of their Outlook PST files. There is a manual technique to remove the password from the PST file, you can use the Microsoft program. But there are issues with the manual steps. But Outlook PST Password Recovery tool is an easy solution and available with a free demo that you can use before you buy. If you are reaching the Outlook PST Password Recovery service with the trustworthy and excellent solution, you can use this program PST Password Recovery Tool, then you can download and install the Outlook PST Recovery application. The software is operate with all Microsoft Outlook editions. Outlook PST Password Removable software to remove simple to complex passwords of PST files with a few clicks. This is an advanced application, that recovers passwords of an infinite no.of PST files without any errors. The PST Password Remover passwords of Outlook files and permits users to reset the password. It is required to memorize those passwords otherwise you cannot unlock the locked PST files. It's not required the installation of MS Outlook. And it operates with all windows editions such as Windows XP, Vista, 8, 10, and 11. It has an easy and simple user interface that way it's easy to operate and understand for all kinds of users. For users' comfort, it offers a free trial pack to all users to check its working performance.

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Softaken Outlook OST to EML data converter is a prompt option to store your data from OST to EML file including all your emails, calendar, contact, notes, etc. This program also works at a high speed. While conversion of your data will provide you a full view of your exported data. Non-professional people can also work with this tool. This OST Converter is very easy to work with and maintain data with it. Also, if a person does not know about technical knowledge it becomes very easy to go with it. In this tool, you will get 100% safety of your resultant data. It will not cause any harm to your details. This application can move data in bulk from OST to EML file format. This software comes with advanced features in it that it can transfer your data to your chosen location. It will not take so much time to convert the data. You can use this software in multiple file conversions from OST to EML file format. It offers the trial version to check it's working performance. This tool is self–sufficient to handle the conversion of data without the installation of any other tool. It will automatically scan your data before conversion. Get to know about that how this software is working you can download its demo version Before you invest money in buying it.

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Softaken Outlook OST to EML data converter is a prompt option to store your data from OST to EML file including all your emails, calendar, contact, notes, etc. This program also works at a high speed. While conversion of your data will provide you a full view of your exported data. Non-professional people can also work with this tool. This OST Converter is very easy to work with and maintain data with it. Also, if a person does not know about technical knowledge it becomes very easy to go with it. In this tool, you will get 100% safety of your resultant data. It will not cause any harm to your details. This application can move data in bulk from OST to EML file format. This software comes with advanced features in it that it can transfer your data to your chosen location. It will not take so much time to convert the data. You can use this software in multiple file conversions from OST to EML file format. It offers the trial version to check it's working performance. This tool is self–sufficient to handle the conversion of data without the installation of any other tool. It will automatically scan your data before conversion. Get to know about that how this software is working you can download its demo version Before you invest money in buying it.

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Softaken Outlook OST to MSG is software that you can use for exporting offline OST to MSG File format. In this, you can preserve your emails, journals events, calendars, notes, etc. This software also helps in the conversion of the OST mailbox to PST and opens up the outlook OST to MSG file format by OST to MSG converter. It will also provide a preview of exported data before the conversion of data in OST to MSG file. This software assures you a safe and secure data conversion. This application keeps your real data safer. At a very high speed, this software works. It is a time-consuming method of exporting. Even this is a professional tool instead of that. A person who doesn’t know the technical knowledge. They can also use this application. You can use this tool to transfer multiple file formats from OST to MSG. There are some of the exported files that are automatically scanned before the conversion by not any outlook installation. In this, there are some modern functions. From OST to MSG there is a wide range you can export your data at your desired location in the MSG file. You can download its demo version to know more about its functioning.

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Softaken Outlook PST to MSG converter is software used for transferring data from PST files to MSG. This converter is not only used for converting PST data but it will be used for email conversions, attachments, etc, and also easy to use in MSG formats. PST converter preserves the all-important document of MS outlook, without causing any damage to your data. Users can also use the advanced features of this tool which may help in their file format, people can also use PST to MSG converter which can help you in the conversion of saving messages, calendars, contact, tasks, notes, events, journals entries, and the other outlook items also. Each MSG Outlook file contains data from one particular item. Outlook PST Converter has the special feature that it converts emails from the PST file. It permits users that they can convert PST files without Outlook installation. This tool is quite easy to use anyone can use this software whether you are using it in your professional or non-professional work. The actual structure of PST file is preserved during the conversion process. When you work with PST converter software you can feel safe and secure while you are exporting your data, as well it keeps your original documents preserve. There is no chance that you lost your data. In the PST to MSG converter, there is no doubt you find any kind of difficulty. Download the demo version for a free trial, before purchasing it.

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Application To Recover Data for FAT is really important to get the missing data which was deleted or misplaced by some accidental reason. We can recover all the type of data from every type of storage devices using this recovery software. In this software name FAT stands for FILE ALLOCATION TABLE. It helps to restore the missing data in many prospective. Software is able to maintain efficiency and accuracy regarding data. FAT file contains various details: It contains the Name of every file which is stored in this table. It has the details of time and date of files creation, updating, deletion and access. It shows the information regarding size of file. It has complete knowledge about the using type of cluster. It provides the location or status of files in the system. Software offers the secure and reliable data recovery for FAT partition. It is available for both personal and official purpose. Application is completely user friendly. It can be used by every type of person with or without technical knowledge as well as it has online support (mail) of company. Software is able to doing three types of search: 1.Basic search: This Search is performing to find the partition of devices. It can get back data which is lose in common or generally kind of lose. In the Speed of scanning data and retrieve that in a specific folder is very fast compare to other software. 2.Deep search: It is performing to search and regains data which is lost due to crucial cases of data missing. It gives the complete search of data which was missing any type of accidental action. It provides the complete backup data of storage devices. 3.Signature search: This search is use for find different kind of file types as well as got the structure of storage media. We have option to choose the folder or file type data to be recovered.

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There is no way to get back the damages, deleted or missing data from the crashed mobile devices. In the solution of the problem we represent software to regains data after purchasing the software. We are providing the all information or URL links to know more about the software. How to recover mobile phone internal memory data? Software installation: After the installation of the software you can use it to recover your mobile data within quick method. Connect your mobile with system using USB cable: Now you have to connect the mobile phone which data you want to recover. You have to make sure that mobile phone should be based on android operating system. Check and preview the missing data in the scanning: Software is performing scanning of data as per your choice of search and previews it. You are able to get the all details about the data in the scanning. Restore the missing data: Here is the last step of the recovery software to restore your missing and deleted data .you can store it in a limited rang or all over the data. It has option create a specific folder location to restore data. What is the need of the software? Here we are describing about the need of the software- Every mobile phone has inbuilt storage area to store data that is called internal storage. We have to just select file or folder to store the data while performing these processes in mobile phones some files are missing by chance then recovery software helps to get back that files. In the mobile phone we can use the security system of mobile to secure our data so that our data cannot easily available for everyone. Using the protection system we misplaced the data that time we can use this software. We are always carrying our mobile phone with us so the data of mobile can also transport from one location to others. It means mobile data is available for every time. During travelling mobile can be damage or internal memory can be crashed then we need the mobile recovery software.

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Mac Data recovery software scans the storage device for corrupted or deleted digital photographs and images files in a single click. Picture recovery software restores lost photos that are saved in any file formats. Digital picture recovery software for MAC OS retrieves deleted digital photographs, images etc. Step to Get Back Your Lost Data:•Scan mode: In scan mode the software start scanning the data or folder for picture recovery.•Select mode: In select mode the software whereas application is asking you to select the folder that you want to restore.•Recover mode: In recover mode, the file will start to restore after fetching all the previous stages of recovery process.Select the storage media from the list which you want to recover data then click on "Next" button to continue. Click on Progress bar to view the status of disk scanning process for searching lost files and folders.*Key Features:Technically advanced photo retrieval application for MAC OS X recovers accidentally deleted pictures, images from formatted hard disk drives.Image recovery software provides complete solution to recover missing wedding photographs, pictures with minimal efforts.Digital photo restoration program successfully recovers and saves your precious moment photographs at your specified location.Photo retrieval utility for Mac OS X restores missing digital photos, images from formatted hard disk drives and USB drives.Digital image restoration tool recover your lost valuable moment pictures at reasonable price.*Additional Software Features:1.Picture recovery software for Mac OS X recover lost pictures from all major manufacturers of HDD Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Maxtor and more.2.Image retrieval utility for MAC recovers missing photo album and other essential pictures.3.Photo recovery utility for MAC OS X can be easily used by everyone (professional and non professional users) without requiring any expert’s guidance.

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Softaken Outlook PST to MBOX Converter instantly converts PST files to MBOX formats. PST file converter is used to convert personal file folders into multiple file formats. There are quality features in this software are -: This software can filter emails and automatically remove empty or duplicate folders during transmission. This tool is used for the bulk of pst conversion, users can convert single files as well as multiple pst files at once in this software. While using this software users don’t have to face any problems. You won't find any kind of inaccuracy while working with this software in the migration process. Our software comes with modern technology that provides security to your data during conversion and there is no loss in your data. This PST file works with all MS outlook versions .2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. PST converter transfers your data without causing any harm. It is very easier to use because of its simple GUI. This folder keeps the original file as it is when you migrate your file to the folder. But once in a while users convert limitless data is done with it. In case you would like to extract only the calendar from outlook pst files then this option is best for you. This pst converter shows a preview before the export PST file and the user can get a quick view of pst data at a point added for conversion. Even if you want to convert pst file data there is no more demand for Microsoft outlook installation. Download its demo version and This program will provide users to extract 10 pst files from each folder and convert them into EML format without paying any fee, So to try its functioning. Before you invest your money for buying it.

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Apple OS X application is used to recover corrupted and accidently deleted images from camera. Software supports all kinds of manufacturers of digital cameras like Sony, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Kodak etc. User can save data at a specific location as per need for future reference. User can also set the range inside the disk in which either selects the entire disk or the set range option for searching in particular range user want to restore the data. • Mac OS digital image recovery software Mac OS digital recovery software is simple and has user friendly interface so anyone can retrieve data with ease. This software supports various type of RAW image file formats such as NEF, CRW, MRW, 3fR etc, supported by the various digital camera brands. Raw picture recovery option works on principle signature search to recover deleted pictures. It can recognize huge range of file signatures to give best photo recovery experience. User can save the result of complete procedure in Mac or can stop the scan at any time and save the information up to that point. Data recovery software for Mac OS X provides the thumbnail preview of the recovered files before actual recovery. • Compatible with storage devices of all file formats Mac OS software is designed to work on all types of brand digital camera devices such as Kodak, Canon, and Sony etc; it is compatible with all file system. It means user will never face a problem of compatibility in his Apple OS device. • Mac OS software recover photos from any data scenario With the help of Macintosh data recovery software user can not only recover the deleted photos from your digital camera SD card user can also recover the formatted, lost photos. Software is also effective enough to access recovered raw images. It also recovers data even when common errors like “Driver Not Formatted” or “Drive Not Detected” shown on your apple Mac screen while accessing the digital camera.

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DDR Data Recovery Software facilitates us with some medium to make successful desired search including Photo, Video and Other Files. User is able to view his/her recovered data by pressing Open Containing Folder button. Mac Deleted Data Retrieving Application contain stop button to break the searching process anytime as per users requirements. WHY TO CHOOSE MAC DDR PROFESSIONAL DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE: Macintosh Data Retrieving Software is able to retrieve deleted zip, inaccessible and corrupted files also. Our Software is user friendly in nature. Professional Mac Info Retrieving Tool allows user to view recovered data before final recovery from storage device. Software is also able to retrieve data which is facing so many virus attacks, permanent deletion and accidently formatted data. Type and extension of data file does not matter for MAC Corrupted Data Recovering Tool. Professional Mac Info Retrieving Tool is cost effective in nature and having more advance features and processes. Macintosh Data Retrieving Software supports several brands of storage devices like HP, Nikon, Sony and many more. Apple data Recovery Professional Tool can easily and quickly recover multiple images, videos, documents, and music files from storage devices. Recovered data can be easily stored on specified location of your device. Lost data can be easily recovered even that’s why each and every person prefers this Mac OS Data Recovery Software. DDR Professional Data Recovery Software can easily retrieve deleted data in fast and accurate manner without diminishing the quality of snapshots, videos, documents, music files and all. Macintosh Data Retrieving Software is less time consuming and can easily recover any type of data from any Mac supporting storage device. Software is also capable to recover large amount of Photos, videos, documents and music files. Mac Memory Recovering Tool ensures retrieval of data in less possible time.

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Atlantis is a standalone word processor for both professional writers and those who create documents only occasionally. Powerful and feature-rich, user-friendly and fully-customizable, it will let you work on your own terms. Atlantis is a word processor with charisma. With a unique look and feel, it offers features you will not find anywhere else. Make eBooks for a living, or just create eBooks to read on any device. Turn any document into an eBook with just a few mouse clicks! Tailor Atlantis Word Processor to work and look your way - from toolbars and hot keys to sounds and colors. With the Backup Files tool, never lose a minute of your hard work through computer breakdowns. Atlantis Word Processor is fully portable. Install it to a memory flash drive, and Atlantis will travel with you wherever you go. Let's explore the depths of creativity with Atlantis Word Processor!

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